El Fogon is closed for business at this location.  Please contact us privately at if you would like to a quote for a special order or catering.




11 thoughts on “Reservations

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  2. My brother Colin turns 50 on Dec 5th. he had hoped to get to Peru for his 50th but he has 4 boys and 3 of them under the age of 12 so the next best thing would be for him and his wife to have a Peruvian meal at your restaurant – can I purchase a gift card on line as I live in Stoney Creek? Thank you


    • Hello Liz,
      I’m sorry, we don’t have that option to pay online for a gift certificate. But that’s a great idea. The best alternative would be to call directly to the restaurant and make your payment via telephone. And then we can mail a gift certificate ( or perhaps email one if we are short on time). Let me know and I can give a heads up to staff to await your call.
      Thank you,
      El Fogon Restaurant


    • I apologize for the missed reply. I’m sorry but our restaurant is only legally able to accommodate 52 people. But we only accept 40-45, as even 52 is rather tight. Hope you found a larger venue already.


  3. Hello, I’ve seen in the past that you’ve had Tallarin Verde con Bistec on your menu. Will you be adding this back on your menu anytime soon?


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