Saying Goodbye…

To our dear friends of El Fogon,

After 16 wonderful (and sometimes tiresome) years we have decided to say adios to El Fogon Restaurant.

We are sad to say goodbye to all the kind and lovely people of St.Clair W and surrounding neighborhoods as well as the Peruvian and Latin American people from all over. It’s been a pleasure serving you.

Our tireless and fearless chef Silvia Riojas-Kamiya has finally decided it’s her time to (semi)retire. As some of you may know, the restaurant business is tough and all-consuming. We also have 3 little children and it is time for a change of pace and a well deserved break. To all of you who have taken the time to sneak into the kitchen and thank the chef personally or write us a nice review – you are the reason for her continued perseverance and love of cooking. Cooking from scratch everyday is a lot of work but she did it with love and attention. Thank you.

Special thanks to our staff over the years, family included, our vendors, our regulars, our neighbors, and our property owners. We are so grateful for your work, support and friendship.

We can’t say for sure what the future will bring but let’s just say “hasta luego” for now. If you wish to know what’s next for Chef Silvia please visit our website at and join our email list. Our “Join our Birthday List” will become our “Friends of El Fogon List”.

We hope to see you one last time. Our last day of business will be Sunday, January 28, 2018.

Gratefully Yours,

Celia & Silvia


El Fogon Holiday Hours

We will be closing Christmas weekend and closing a little early on New Years Eve, but otherwise keeping regular hours throughout this holiday.

Wed. Dec. 20. 5-10pm

Thurs. Dec. 21. 5-10pm

Fri. Dec. 22. CLOSED

Sat. Dec.23. CLOSED

Sun. Dec. 24. CLOSED


Sun. Dec. 31. 12 – 6pm

Feliz Navidad from our family to yours.

El Fogon Restaurant

Salsa on St.Clair Specials at El Fogon 

  • Sancochado al Fogon – A hearty traditional soup with tender chunks of beef and  vegetables (yucca, potato, celery, carrot, beans, corn) and garnished with onions, green onions and cilantro. After a day of dancing, this soup will replenish your body !

Chuleta con Yucca y Ensalada: 

A perfectly pan fried porkchop served with yucca wedges, Huancaina sauce and a refreshing salad with lemon house dressing. A lighter fare meal after a fun day in the sun.

Chiccharron de Pescado:

Lightly breaded and pan-fried fish fillet pieces. Served with yucca wedges, Huancaina sauce and a light refreshing salad served with lemon house dressing. A lighter fare meal after a fun day in the sun.

Canada Day Hours !

Wishing you a wonderful Canada Day Weekend with family and friends. Please see our revised hours for this weekend:

Wednesday June 28th :  CLOSED

Thursday June 29th :   5pm – 10pm

Friday June 30th :  12pm – 10pm

Saturday July 1st :   12pm – 8pm

Sunday July 2nd :   12pm – 8pm
Thank you,

El Fogon Restaurant

Book Now for Valentine’s Day !

El Fogon Restaurant will be open for Valentine’s Day. Check out our Valentine’s Special Menu. You will fall in love ❤️

Valentine’s Day Menu Special

This Valentine’s Day, we welcome a new, experienced Peruvian Chef to El Fogon Restaurant – Chef Guillermo. Together with resident, Chef Silvia, they will be preparing a delicious Special Valentine’s Day Menu for you.

You and your sweetheart/friends/family will be able to order from the regular menu or try something new on our Prix-Fix Valentine’s Day Menu

You can choose from a 3-course or 2-course dinner
(with or without soup)

Menu 1

Sopa a la Criolla
Peruvian Creole Soup

Choritos a la Chalaca
Mussels topped with a brunoise cut vegetable medley made of tomatoes, red onions, corn and chili peppers with chopped parsley.

Pargo al Sillao o Pargo Frito
Red Snapper in Soya Sauce or Pan-Fried Red Snapper
Your choice to have the fish in soya sauce or pan-fried.

Menu 2
Sopa a la Criolla
Peruvian Creole Soup

Tiradito Criollo de Pescado al Aji Amarillo
A layer of thin sliced white fish topped with a fusion of yellow chili pepper and ceviche marinate

Churrasco Grille al Pisco con Huacatay
Grilled Ribeye Steak marinated in Peruvian Pisco licor and the Andean aromatic fresh herb from Peru known as Huacatay

Dinner also includes your choice of 2 sides:

Frijoles, arroz blanco, yuca frita, ensalada criolla, papas a la parrilla, salsa criolla.
Beans, steamed white rice,deep fried cassava,creole salad, grilled potatoes, or creole salsa.

Taxes and tips not included.
We are taking reservations as well as walk-ins.

You can still book for your Christmas party ! Please see HOLIDAY HOURS

christmas at el fogon

We still have some availability for Christmas parties. Book now !  Please note the days that we are closed or have shortened days.  Thank you.

El Fogon Restaurant holiday hours:

Monday Dec.19-Tuesday Dec.27     :    CLOSED

Wednesday Dec 28 – Friday Dec.30  :    OPEN regular hours

Saturday Dec 31    :    12-6pm

Sunday Jan 1   :      12-6pm

Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones,

Thank you,

El Fogon Management

Valentine’s Weekend Menu

san valentin



Crema de Langosta  (Creamy Lobster Bisque)

Jalea Real  (Royal Jalea: Ceviche and Jalea)


Camarones y Pescado en Salsa Brava (Shrimp and Fish in Salsa Brava)

Tallarin Verdes con Bistec (Spagetti in Pesto Sauce with Grilled Beef-Peruvian Style)

Chicken Valentine  (EL Fogon’s stuffed Chicken Breast)


Dulce de Tres Leches (cake)



This special Valentine’s Menu begins Fri.Feb.12.16  until  Sun.Feb.14.16.

This is in addition to our regular menu.

Holiday Hours


El Fogon Restaurant holiday hours:

Thursday Christmas Eve 12-5pm

Friday Christmas Day  CLOSED

Sunday Dec 27th  12-5pm

Thursday Dec 31st  12-6pm

Friday Jan 1st  12-6pm

Sunday Jan 3rd CLOSED

(All other days will follow our usual schedule)

Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones,

Thank you,

El Fogon Management

It’s that time of year ! Christmas Parties !

Let us know how we can make your Christmas Party great !

We can host small work parties (30 people max), or offer a delicious range of dishes already on serving trays as a large takeout.

Just let us know what you need. A Feliz Navidad is coming up fast !

Healthy Options at El Fogon Restaurant –

Typically when we chose to eat out we often enjoy treating ourselves to something delicious but possibly a tad unhealthy. But what of those days when you've just been so busy with life, such that preparing a dinner at home, is just not going to happen. But you still want a home-cooked meal.
Then head on over to El Fogon ! Dine in or order takeout.
Let me tell you the reasons why:

1. We cook everything from scratch including dressings, sauces, our juices and hot sauce (with the exception of soya sauce). So I can guarantee that you and your family will not be getting pre-packaged anything filled with preservatives.

2. Food is made either daily or on the spot – so please be patient with our chef. She really values simple fresh ingredients and dishes. She may take a bit longer than other restaurants but she is meticulous.

3. Our chef is also very Type A and a bit of a clean freak – and that's very good for you.

4. The chef's children eat at El Fogon all the time. Our chef would never cook and feed the public what she herself wouldn't feed to her own kiddos and baby.

5. Simple but tasty. And children love the food too ! Yes, we've had a few complaints that our food is a little simple and it's true, we don't cook with a ton of spices, hot sauce always on the side, etc, but we like to think of our food as universally agreeable, soul food, good ole home cooking.

6. We also have some treats like fried calamari, French fries, fried fish and fried yucca wedges but these fried treats are pan-fried. And not deep fried. Trust me, there's a difference. Places that use deep fryers may or may not change their oil frequently enough. Next time you taste a bitter aftertaste when eating something deep-fried at another food place you'll know it's because the oil has been used many times over – not at El Fogon, nope.

Pictured above is our delicious green salad topped with chicken breast and our own super light and tasty lemon dressing.

Stay tuned…we are hoping to offer some lighter fare items such as tamales, yucca rellena and empanadas in the future, as well as family meals to go.

Support your local family neighbourhood establishments 🙂

Thanks for reading,

El Fogon Restaurant

El Fogon Brunch Sandwiches and Omelettes !

Did you know that El Fogon also has Brunch  Sandwiches and Brunch Omelettes? Well, we absolutely do and they are delicious ! 

We have 3 different Sandwiches to chose from : steak , grilled chicken and fish! Served on a nice big fresh bun with your choice of French fries or salad. And only $8 ! Featured below is the fish sandwich (yum!) with our fresh-cut French fries:

We also have two Omelette options to chose from: a build-your-own omelette choosing 3 ingredients or Omelette al Fogon – a sautéed frenzy of onions, tomatoes, green onions and lettuce within. And only $8 ! Also served with either fries or salad (featured below): 

Brunch is served from 12-3pm Friday to Sunday. 

Family-friendly food and atmosphere.