Closed Wednesday May 11, 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day Celebration. We will be closed this Wednesday to give a much needed rest and relaxation to the mothers here at El Fogon. We will reopen Thursday as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,

El Fogon Management


Thursday March, 3rd – Open for Dinner only

On March, 3rd 2016, El Fogon will open at 5pm, for dinner service only.  We will be closed earlier in the afternoon for maintenance work.

Thank you for your understanding,


Valentine’s Weekend Menu

san valentin



Crema de Langosta  (Creamy Lobster Bisque)

Jalea Real  (Royal Jalea: Ceviche and Jalea)


Camarones y Pescado en Salsa Brava (Shrimp and Fish in Salsa Brava)

Tallarin Verdes con Bistec (Spagetti in Pesto Sauce with Grilled Beef-Peruvian Style)

Chicken Valentine  (EL Fogon’s stuffed Chicken Breast)


Dulce de Tres Leches (cake)



This special Valentine’s Menu begins Fri.Feb.12.16  until  Sun.Feb.14.16.

This is in addition to our regular menu.

Happy Valentine’s Day Specials

san valentin

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at El Fogon Restaurant. It’s not too late to make your reservation. Come celebrate with your loved ones and friends with some delicious, traditional Peruvian food.Our specials this weekend:

Valentine’s Day Specials

Seco de Cabrito (Peruvian Lamb stew )

Served with Peruvian Canario beans and rice. Mouth-watering and fall off the bone delicious.

Red Snapper

Perfectly pan-fried and whole. Served with plantain, rice and a side of Peruvian Criole salad.


Causa rellena de pollo (chicken) and vegetariano. A popular Peruvian appetizer.

Check out our wonderful vegetarian/vegan menu and brunch menu.

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A Hangover Cure … @El Fogon Restaurant

For those or you who over-indulged in all the fun and festivities of New Years Eve, there is a tried and true solution to bring you back to life.

At El Fogon we have Ceviche de Pescado and Ceviche de Mariscos (seafood ceviche). If you are not Peruvian you may wonder how raw fish can be considered a hangover cure – but once you try this cool, citrus-fresh dish your mouth and brain will thank you. Pictured below is our Leche de Tigre, with ceviche ingredients on the bottom and fried calamari rings on top – the best of both worlds.

Leche de tigre

Leche de tigre

Or perhaps a nice warm soup is what you crave on this cold New Years Day. We have a variety of soups at El Fogon and they are all guaranteed to “raise the dead,” or better known as “sopa levanta muertos”. We have Chupe de Camarones (a light shrimp chowder) and Sopa de Mariscos (Seafood Soup) which are served in large bowls that eat like a meal. And we also have traditional Aguadito de Pollo (Rice Chicken Soup with cilantro) in smaller regular sized bowls. All delicious and homemade with fresh ingredients.

Or perhaps you just need to go the usual route and try out our wonderful Brunch dishes. Brunch is served daily and is quite a deal for the quality of food that you will enjoy. Pictured below is a local favourite: Desayuno al Fogon – El Fogon Brunch Special.

desayuno al fogon

desayuno al fogon

And don’t forget our Organic Peruvian Coffee to truly wake you up:

Organic Peruvian Coffee

Happy New Years !! All the best for 2015.

Chicha Morada : Peruvian Purple Corn Drink … Refreshing Purple Goodness !

chicha morada3

Chicha Morada. A very popular Peruvian unfermented and sweet purple maize corn drink that is likely older than the Incan civilization that carried it throughout the Andean countries. “Chicha” refers to a fermented , or,  in this case, unfermented/non-alcoholic corn drink. “Morada” is “purple” in spanish, referring to the Peruvian purple maize.  But don’t let the name fool you or deter you from trying this traditional soft drink… you wouldn’t even believe its made from corn.  Chicha morada is made by boiling the purple corn, cinnamon sticks, cloves, pineapple and other fruits to your liking, then adding sugar and lemon juice to give it that yummy fresh taste.


Aside from its lively flavour, chicha morada is packed full of disease-preventing properties!  The deep purple colour of the maize is a strong antioxident referred to as cyanidin-3-O-β-glucopyranoside (C3G). C3G has been the subject of many studies that have found many potential and proven disease-protecting properties such as cancer prevention, anti-inflammatory capabilities, cholesterol lowering and blood-sugar lowering capabilities that can decrease your risk of diabetes and obesity. Yummy natural goodness!

At El Fogon Restaurant we make our own homemade Chicha Morada with imported Peruvian Purple Maize (subject to availability of imported corn).  Come visit us and enjoy the benefits of this refreshing, cool traditional drink.