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  1. Hello Ida,
    Aside from Papa a la Huancaina Sauce, our vegetarian dishes do not have eggs, dairy or butter. But please mention to the server “no eggs ” since many vegetarians like to add egg to their meal.
    Thanks and enjoy.


  2. Wonderful, thank you so much! One last quick question. Is two hours enough time for three people during lunch during the week if we arrive at 12 noon?


    • Hello Jazmin,
      Our chef makes an awesome causa de atun. But it is not on our menu. However, if the order is large enough she may be able to arrange that for you. I can ask.
      Please tell me the date and time for pick-up.
      How many people you need to feed.
      And do you want it as one big piece (like you usually see it – and then you cut it into portions and serve) OR would you like it as already individual portioned Hors d’oeuvres style?
      Let me know and i can give you a quote.


    • Hi Carlos,
      Tamales is one of those items that we would love to offer on a regular basis. I’m sorry, we don’t have tamales but we are currently looking into it for the new year. We can’t say exactly when but you will be one of the first to know. If you order as a catering order, tamales may be arranged. Let me know if this is an option.
      Thank you.


    • Hi Fabiola,
      To tell you the truth, the chef looked into it a while back and it looks like it might be illegal to sell cuy here in Ontario. Maybe its time to look into that again. Check back with our website frequently for new menu items. Maybe one day.


    • Hi Cindy, we do not have papa rellena on a regular basis but we are planning to add a few lighter fare items to our menu such as papa rellena, empanadas and tamales but i cant say exactly when that will be. You can however order as a catering order if you like, larger quantity that is. Let us know!


  3. Where can we find a Bolivian Saltenas in Toronto? Do you make them? Have been unsuccessful in finding any in Toronto since we tried them in NYC a few weeks ago. So delicious.


    • Hi Sunny,
      No I’m sorry we don’t have empanadas…yet. But if we did they would be Peruvian. I’m not sure how it would be different from Bolivian. But you can try searching using the more popular name “empanadas “. I’m not sure if that is different from “saltenas”. Good luck !


    • I hear ya!!
      Let me speak with the owner/chef and see where we are on this. It’s been on our wish list for a while now. We will let you know when it happens. Fingers crossed as well.


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