El Fogon Restaurant
543 St.Clair Ave West
Toronto, Ontario
M6C 1A3



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    • Yes, we are finalizing our Mother’s Day Specials. Please check back in another day or so. We are accepting reservations online or you can call in at 416-850-8041. Thank you.


    • Hello Ida,
      Yes the restaurant is w/c accessible. But please be aware that there are no automated doors just regular doors at the entrance. Regular in width as well. Also, it’s one door followed closely by another door which can be an obstacle without the help of another person. But we usually keep one door open with a door stopper when it’s not winter.
      Washroom is on the main level with a regular sized door to enter. Please feel free to use the women’s wathroom, it is most accessible. They are single person washrooms.
      Come in enjoy our food!


    • Hi Melany,
      Yes, there is usually plenty of parking on St.Clair Ave W in front of the restaurant. This is city metered street parking for a fee. In the evenings there is free parking along Vaughan Rd which is a side steet off of St.Clair just east of the restaurant. And finally there is free parking on the residential street around the corner on Ellsworth. However, there is a one hour limit before 6pm I believe.
      I hope this helps. See you soon!


  1. Hi there, just curious, how many seats are there in your restaurants available for possibly a larger event? Basically, what’s the total seatings in your establishment?


  2. Hello
    I am looking to make a group event with a set menu… do you do this? I’m looking for December 6 2015 for about 3:30/4:00 pm


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