Healthy Options at El Fogon Restaurant –

Typically when we chose to eat out we often enjoy treating ourselves to something delicious but possibly a tad unhealthy. But what of those days when you've just been so busy with life, such that preparing a dinner at home, is just not going to happen. But you still want a home-cooked meal.
Then head on over to El Fogon ! Dine in or order takeout.
Let me tell you the reasons why:

1. We cook everything from scratch including dressings, sauces, our juices and hot sauce (with the exception of soya sauce). So I can guarantee that you and your family will not be getting pre-packaged anything filled with preservatives.

2. Food is made either daily or on the spot – so please be patient with our chef. She really values simple fresh ingredients and dishes. She may take a bit longer than other restaurants but she is meticulous.

3. Our chef is also very Type A and a bit of a clean freak – and that's very good for you.

4. The chef's children eat at El Fogon all the time. Our chef would never cook and feed the public what she herself wouldn't feed to her own kiddos and baby.

5. Simple but tasty. And children love the food too ! Yes, we've had a few complaints that our food is a little simple and it's true, we don't cook with a ton of spices, hot sauce always on the side, etc, but we like to think of our food as universally agreeable, soul food, good ole home cooking.

6. We also have some treats like fried calamari, French fries, fried fish and fried yucca wedges but these fried treats are pan-fried. And not deep fried. Trust me, there's a difference. Places that use deep fryers may or may not change their oil frequently enough. Next time you taste a bitter aftertaste when eating something deep-fried at another food place you'll know it's because the oil has been used many times over – not at El Fogon, nope.

Pictured above is our delicious green salad topped with chicken breast and our own super light and tasty lemon dressing.

Stay tuned…we are hoping to offer some lighter fare items such as tamales, yucca rellena and empanadas in the future, as well as family meals to go.

Support your local family neighbourhood establishments 🙂

Thanks for reading,

El Fogon Restaurant


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